Facial recognition system

VIS cutting edge biometric facial recognition technology is a rapid, safe, and contact free access control system that has been robustly designed for construction site security.

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Our product was shortlisted for the C. News specialist contribution to construction award in 2022 for helping to keep sites safe during the pandemic with contactless site access control. Compared with other options now available in the marketplace, our trailblazing plug and play solution has been rigorously tried and tested across a variety of sectors from fit-out to major new build and civil engineering projects.

VIS facial recognition offers a safer, touch free and faster biometric access control system for construction site security than any other product in the marketplace.

Fully integrated with our cloud time & attendance software, software, POD and KIOSK, the system uses AI to conduct instant facial analysis and face scanning. Users without the correct permissions or valid competencies will be denied access to the site.

User photos can be easily uploaded during the off-site pre-enrolment removing the need for additional hardware on site and importantly saving management admin time.

By completely removing the need of expensive and un-hygienic fingerprint technology or access cards, VIS can ensure that our clients have the most advanced technology to maintain a safe, secure, and productive construction site.

Facial Recognition Features

  • Biometric access control

  • Smart AI technology

  • Wireless

  • Integrates with VIS pod and kiosk

  • Cloud enabled

  • ‘Live’ face detection

  • Much faster than other biometrics

  • More reliable

  • Increased efficiency

  • Scalable

Frequently Asked Questions

How will biometric facial recognition help my site?

Facial recognition will ensure there is no unauthorized access to your construction site. It works by using facial analysis and face scanning software to recognize only registered users.

What is biometric access control?

Biometric access control is our facial recognition system that works by conducting face scanning of a user before they are allowed entry to your construction site.

What are the benefits of facial recognition?

Other systems like fingerprint readers were commonly used but caused ques and frustration at the turnstiles due to mis-reads and human error. Cards are a quick access solution but time consuming to manage due to them being lost and passed around. Facial recognition in contactless so removed any human error and setup correctly, is the most advanced technology to maintain a secure and productive construction site.

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When we were appointed as Main Contractor to complete the Fit Out of ICON Studio, the size of the project was our biggest yet. The mammoth task of setting up the site was complex as well as falling at the height of the pandemic. VIS provided the most cutting-edge solution to help keep our team, visitors and the overall site safe at all times. State-of-the-art technology combined with superb customer service really made the VIS solution stand out from the crowd and helped us to deliver the project in very challenging circumstances.

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Paddington Village Infrastructure

Along with Morgan Sindall and Liverpool City Council, VIS Systems worked to keep their works at Paddington Village as safe and secure as possible.

Wirral Growth Hub

This landmark regeneration project is a joint venture between Muse – Morgan Sindall’s urban regeneration development arm – and Wirral Borough Council to redevelop the heart of Birkenhead town centre.

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