Drone photography

Drone photography can show every stage of a development from planning, foundations, topping out, through to completion. There is no better way of getting an overview of a construction site than by using aerial pictures.

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How it can help

As a vantage point from which to conduct your site visibility operation, you won't do any better than 360 degree and aerial. Pilots are all CAA approved and all have more than 10 years experience. 

Drone photography is now commonplace and being integrated into mainstream construction CAD software. Monthly progress photographs are being used to produce full 2D or 3D models that can be used for accurate measurement and in conjunction with traditional quantity surveying methods.


  • Progress imaging
  • 4K Ultra HD video
  • 20 MP high resolution photos
  • Fully CAA approved pilots
  • 3D modelling and CAD integration

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