Construction site CCTV towers

VIS range of HD CCTV towers, are a robust, rapid deployment solution designed to provide temporary construction site security for any project where remote monitored CCTV is required

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Our latest range of vandal resistant CCTV towers provide a cost-effective, and sustainable site security camera solution without compromising safety and protection.

VIS rapidly deployable towers have been designed to be modular to enable them to be effective on any size and type of construction site or temporary location where site security is required. With powered and stand-alone solar-charged models our towers can be set up on site in a matter of hours to provide immediate CCTV monitoring. Depending on a Projects requirements, we can upgrade the tower with long range thermal detection, 360 PTZ cameras, 4K time lapse or environmental monitoring equipment for a complete smart solution.

Construction Site CCTV Towers Control Features

  • Rapid Deployment CCTV Towers

  • Proactive construction site security monitoring

  • Solar powered zero carbon options

  • Extendable 7-meter mast

  • Long range 360-degree coverage

  • Variety of powering options for improved flexibility

  • High speed 4-5G connectivity

  • Marine grade Battery back-up

  • Virtual detection trip wires

  • Long range thermal detection camera options

  • 4k time lapse integration available

  • Remote access to evidential recorded digital footage

  • Live audio challenges

  • Shock, vibration, and tamper alerts

  • Over 80% more cost effective than manned-guarding

  • VIS health check, alert raised on camera failure, camera masking, hard drive failure and capacity

How will the CCTV Tower help my site?

CCTV towers are proving to be a trusted construction site security and safety monitoring solution. As technology has improved with innovation, CCTV has become the preferred option for main contractors against traditional manned guard security.  

Due to construction being fast paced, CCTV towers can be rapidly deployed to protect your site and assets. They are a perfect solution for enabling and groundworks where buildings are not blocking line or sight or for areas that have no power available.

In-house Dedicated CCTV Control Room

VIS CCTV control room is an SIA approved contractor scheme (ACS) alarm receiving centre specialising in Construction site security, remote CCTV Monitoring with live Audio Challenge and rapid site security guard response.

Our service utilises the award-winning Immix video alarm receiving platform, which allows instant response to incidents within seconds of them happening.

Using advanced virtual detection, our cameras can differentiate between human and vehicle, and filter out unwanted false alarms due to materials, weather and other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get a CCTV tower on site?

We can deploy a remotely monitored tower with local security response within 48 hours.

Are towers more expensive than manned security guards?

No, on average a CCTV tower is over 80% cheaper than a guard. They can also see in the dark and don’t need to take breaks.

I have no power at my site; how can I install a CCTV tower?

VIS offers a self-sufficient solar powered tower that has integrated battery backup.

What happens when an intruder is detected on my site??

The alarm triggered by the virtual perimeter is received by our in-house CCTV control room, the intruder is instantly challenged by live audio warning before the local response guard or Police are contacted.

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As part of our carbon initiative and while setting up the site with no mains electricity, we needed a high-quality, monitored CCTV tower that did not require a generator as these systems use diesel and create unwanted noise for local residents. VIS Eco Tower is solar-powered and has been on site since week one of the scheme. The unit is rapidly deployable and can easily be moved around the site if required for plant and security monitoring. We can access the HD cameras remotely and feel it is an immensely sustainable and cost-effective solution for both initial setup and end of project handover. Once we have the main cabins in situ and electricity is live, VIS will then implement stage 2 of the plan, remove the tower and install our site-wide CCTV.

Ben Wolstenholme

Senior Project Manager

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Paddington Village Infrastructure

Along with Morgan Sindall and Liverpool City Council, VIS Systems worked to keep their works at Paddington Village as safe and secure as possible.

Wirral Growth Hub

This landmark regeneration project is a joint venture between Muse – Morgan Sindall’s urban regeneration development arm – and Wirral Borough Council to redevelop the heart of Birkenhead town centre.

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