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Our online pre-induction process has been designed to save project teams time whilst ensuring all workers arrive on site with the correct knowledge and credentials.

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Our online inductions are straight-forward and efficient ways to train your staff without them being on site. As construction site inductions can add a layer of risk with so many moving parts within the site, it is better to carry out as much training as possible before entering the site. 

That is where our specialist online site inductions can help you. 

The online inductions reduce the time spent on site without the proper training but that's not all, it improves consistency as everyone will learn the same thing without a teacher going off topic. This ensures workers receive the essential information about site health and safety, hazard identification and risk mitigation that will promote a consistent safety culture across all site workers. 

Online inductions are flexible allowing staff to undertake the induction anywhere at any time that you set. With this flexibility they can carry on their learning but go over sections that they find challenging to ensure they fully understand before entering a site, providing optimal safety for you and them.

One of the great benefits of online inductions is the financial savings that come along with it. Ultimately, construction site inductions may cost more as you will have to hire a trainer to carry out this training adding an extra cost to your budget. However, when you opt for online site health and safety inductions, you can benefit from fast and easy set up from anywhere.

 Our online inductions are regularly updated with any new trends in the safety sector to keep your staff up to date with new regulations, so for more details on how you can implement this into your construction site, get in touch with us today.

How it can help

Our straight-forward and contact free cloud induction is completely digital and can be fully managed and updated by the main contractor. Some benefits include:

  • Reduce site induction time
  • Improve social distancing
  • Improve SHE efficiency
  • Improve data analysis
  • Save project team time


  • Simple to administer
  • Sub contractors invite their workforce to complete inductions remotely
  • Contractors can update their inductions at anytime
  • Company wide and/or site specific inductions available

Are online inductions for construction sites interactive?

Yes, our online inductions include engaging content with assessments, videos and images to help reinforce key safety concepts. These interactive features are essential for helping ensure that workers understand the material so that they can apply it effectively on-site where it matters most.

How long does it take to complete an online induction?

The duration of our online inductions vary depending on the complexity of your construction project and the level of safety training required. Our online inductions can be finished anywhere from a few hours to days depending on speed and knowledge, but we recommend that users take their time learning to ensure they are confident before entering the construction site. It is a good idea to assess your staff on how they will apply what they have learned onto your specific site, ensuring tailored learning is kept throughout and into their everyday work.

How frequently should online inductions be completed?

Workers should complete an online induction before starting work on a new construction project or when there are significant updates or changes to the site's safety instructions. Additionally, regular refresher inductions may be necessary to reinforce safety practices and ensure that workers remain up-to-date with the latest regulations and procedures.

Can I access the online induction from any device?

Most online induction platforms are designed to be accessible from various devices, including computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This allows workers to complete the induction at their convenience, whether they are at home, in the office, or on-site, as long as they have an internet connection. However, we would urge you to suggest that it is done in controlled environments like offices or quiet spaces so the learner can truly receive the full advantage of content and it can’t be easily dismissed.

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VIS provide a faster, safer and more precise system that reduces high volume touch points and recognises you in a split second. The software is intuitive, and provides simple viewable reports, and the roll call feature allows quick and easy access for fire drills. Overall we are very happy with the service provided by VIS on our projects and know that our workforce monitoring is in safe hands.

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