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For a secure and safe site, construction time and attendance should be at the top of your list. Tracking this has never been easier, with all activity logged to our cloud-based workforce management software.

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For a secure and safe site, tracking construction time and attendance should be at the top of your list. 

Tracking this has never been easier, with all activity logged to our cloud-based workforce CSCS Smart Check software

Designed for the construction industry, this software enables companies to generate accurate reports and key performance information, find out more about it below.

How the CSCS Smart Check Works

This new system allows for the CSCS Smart Check to improve the typical construction industry’s card checking procedures. This helps to improve construction site safety while also contributing to the tackling of card fraud.

As a proud CSCS IT partner, we now have a revolutionary software integration (API) which allows us to automatically verify a worker’s credentials across a range of trades and skills.

So, how does this work?

When an operative is registering their online pre-enrolment or induction, all they need to do is add their CSCS card information across any skills they are qualified for, then, a live auto-validation will instantly take place. 

Do note, that in the scenario that the cards are accepted, they can continue with the next steps prior to completing their initial site visit. However, if the card is not validated, it is highlighted to site management to investigate to tackle any fraudulent usage.

That’s it! It is a streamlined way of revolutionising the way people begin their journey to working on your construction site. If you’re interested in implementing this new way of tracking staff and ensuring safety on site, get in touch with us today for more information.

Integration of our Time and Attendance Software

Our time and attendance system is cloud-based meaning that there’s no need for a PC on site. 

Our new VIS Systems access control has an automatic pre-validation check of over 2 million cards displaying the CSCS logo. This now provides employers with a quick, easy and secure way of ensuring everyone has the right card for the specific job they do on site.

The security and storage of your data is managed by our fully accredited data centre and comes with full GDPR compliance encryption.

One time enrolment means that if a user attends another site using the same system; the only administration requirement is for access to be granted by management and CSCS validation. 

All other data is managed by our cloud system, boasting an array of features like bespoke reporting on data. Alongside this includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Instant online CSCS card validation across 40+ CSCS schemes
  • Offline operating
  • One-time enrolment
  • Smart dashboard 
  • Online safety inductions
  • Detailed contractor reports including Roll Call, T&A,
  • Local labour & Co2
  • Remote access 
  • Delivery management 
  • Environmental add-ons including Noise, Dust & Vibration monitoring.
  • On-going support and UK based Helpline

Construction time and attendance tracking is crucial, as there is the key requirement for safety measures particularly on large scale sites. By having a streamline software that highlights your business insight the job is much more manageable.

Construction Insights Platform

Time and attendance for construction companies and the tracking of such is incredibly important, which is why we have the solution to making this process streamline. 

Our dashboard uses the biometric data from our workforce management solutions to let you see an overview of all the operatives that are onsite. 

This is a detailed report including records of factors such as:

  • Training
  • Qualifications
  • Progress / performance
  • Trades
  • Skills

You can benefit from a dashboard that has information on data so you can assess various aspects of your site, like pinpointing contractors that are consistently delivering for an overall improvement in productivity. 

Say goodbye to the manual process of paperwork, we’re helping you move with the times and collect all the data you need in one secure place. Your dashboard is easily manageable, it provides you with the ability to customise reporting efficiently so you can monitor all aspects of business on site.

Whether it is minimising health and safety risks or monitoring important considerations such as CSR and EDI information - you’re able to manage it with VIS Systems’ construction industry insights software.

API and Software Integration

The good news is, you’re able to integrate your existing softwares with our construction time and attendance software and insights platform, making it easier than ever to use all of your existing tools in harmony.

You’re able to share data and history from other softwares, making the admin of construction sites more manageable than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why is tracking construction time and attendance important?

There are numerous reasons as to why construction time and attendance software is so important on site. While there are more clear reasons like ensuring no unqualified or strangers come on site, there are also more strategic reasoning. As site managers, it is important that you delegate time wisely and budget correctly, to avoid over staffing, or understaffing which may cause delays, you can properly track workload, work efficiency and more with the help of data from time and attendance tracking.

Does the cscs smart check work with vis systems products?

Yes, the CSCS Smart Check software works seamlessly with VIS System’s plug and play construction site access control products. So, from start to finish your site can be managed and secured with the help of us.

What is happening to Go Smart?

The Go Smart card checking system is to be turned off on March 31st 2024. Thus, after this date any attempted card reads through Go Smart will no longer process or work. All existing Go Smart users that require a card checking function for construction site induction or access must transition to CSCS Smart Check.

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VIS provide a faster, safer and more precise system that reduces high volume touch points and recognises you in a split second. The software is intuitive, and provides simple viewable reports, and the roll call feature allows quick and easy access for fire drills. Overall we are very happy with the service provided by VIS on our projects and know that our workforce monitoring is in safe hands.

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