GRAHAM Fife Orthopaedic Centre

At VIS Systems we have been at the forefront of providing security for construction sites with one of our proudest projects to date working with GRAHAM to deliver a dedicated centre for planned orthopaedic services to the people of Fife. 

2021 - 2022

The sheer size of the project can be seen in the £33 million price tag, allowing the NHS in Fife to deliver modern surgeries to meet growing demands in the area.

A state of the art three story new building at the Victoria Hospital site that required security systems that have been designed by our team of experts to be welcoming, accessible but most importantly secure. 

At VIS System we wanted to make sure that patients and staff can continue with daily life and carry out their tasks without any risk to their safety. With that in mind, we utilised our construction biometric access control system; this provides the hospital with a security measure that uses facial recognition to grant or deny access to areas within the facility. 

We are pleased to have had the opportunity to secure the highly anticipated project that will have transformational results for the NHS in Fife. 

We installed our building site security systems that take traditional measures and modernise them to a new standard to improve facility security. These key construction security measures included:

We take great pride in being able to assist in the healthcare industry, ensuring that everyone in need of the hardworking staff can go about their jobs with ease, thanks to the contribution from our construction site security services. If you would like to see more healthcare projects that we have been involved with check out our case studies on Manchester Royal Infirmary or Birmingham Children's Hospital projects.

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