Civil Engineering Construction Site Security

Civil engineering construction sites are high risk environments, being at risk of vandalisation and crime, it is important to keep sites safe and secure with the right measures in place.

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What Is Civil Engineering Construction Site Security?

Civil Engineering Construction Site CCTV is the act of protecting a civil engineering construction site with products and services that protect the people, the project, environment and the equipment on the site. 

That being said, it is crucial to have the correct security systems in place to protect the facility, the equipment and importantly, the safety of the project. In order to provide this protection, usage of construction site CCTV, kiosk clocking in stations and similar solutions can be imperative to keeping the project free from crime, vandalisation and danger.

How VIS Contribute to Civil Engineering Construction Site Security

At VIS Systems, we contribute to civil engineering construction site security all over the UK. From eco friendly solutions like Solar Powered CCTV, to kiosk clocking stations for monitoring solutions. 

Construction site security will help keep your staff safe, protect valuable assets and keep you on target without unnecessary delays so that you can reach your deadline.  At VIS Systems, we specialise in providing state of the art technologies that will monitor and protect your site around the clock. 

Wherever your site is in the UK, we can help keep it safe, theft is a regular occurrence across the construction industry with valuable tools, equipment and materials being valuable, enticing burglars to steal. 

That being said, you can trust the team at VIS Systems to keep your valuables safe and help you avoid costly replacements. 

Our Products for Civil Engineering Construction Site Security

We provide quality security systems that not only keeps your construction site safe from theft and trespassers, but also monitor staff clock entry and exit times. Our state of the art Kiosk clocking stations track and monitor site activity ensuring only those with permission can gain access to your construction site.

Having a construction site free of trespassers will lower the risk of theft and injury claims against your firm as construction sites can be dangerous places and once left unattended those who illegally gain access may get injured leaving you with a serious situation. Injury claims from trespassers can not only cost you money but also have a negative effect on your company's image and reputation.

Trust our expert team to install our Kiosk clocking station to take the burden off your shoulders. 

Our construction site security systems don't just stop at the front door with the Kiosk clocking station; we also provide construction site CCTV that is monitored by our team 24/7.

Our control room holds SIA ACS status for Security Guarding ensuring you can count on us when needed most. We want to provide the best monitoring measures possible that is why in 2020, we set up the control room and trained our staff to be able to identify and deter potential threats no longer relying on any other company to provide competence at a standard as high as ours. 

For those who are running civil engineering construction sites that are environmentally conscious, we provide Solar Powered CCTV. 

Reduce your civil engineering construction sites carbon footprint today and choose VIS Systems solar powered CCTV to keep your site secure and looking out for your environmental impact all the while.

Our CCTV systems boast a rapid deployment solution that will be up and running in no time, so you can rest assured that your site is safe.

Why Choose Us?

Our expert team at VIS Systems protects your site with years of experience in the security industry but we aren't resting on that; we are striving everyday to improve our systems and security across the UK. 

We want what's best for our clients so we continue to work on new measures and technologies to stay ahead of the game. 

Our systems are customisable to any site across the country no matter how big, small or remote your civil engineering construction site is. Don't just take our word for it, we have a proven track record that speaks for itself, our clients trust us because we consistently deliver results with our state of the art technology and service.

Our comprehensive approach to security ensures all civil construction site vulnerabilities are addressed, we understand every site is different that's why we provide a bespoke approach that ensures you receive the most effective security solution tailored to your project.

Get in touch today to find out how you can increase productivity with our help.

What's the difference between a regular construction site and a civil engineering construction site?

Regular construction sites focus on building structures such as homes and commercial buildings, whereas civil engineering construction sites develop infrastructure like roads, bridges, and dams. Regular construction projects are generally less complex and shorter in duration, requiring standard trades and equipment, while civil construction projects are more complex, longer-lasting, and require specialised workforce and heavy machinery. If you require security systems for either type of site be sure to get in contact today.

What measures can be taken to protect the perimeter of a construction site?

Perimeter protection measures include robust fencing, integrated sensors, alarms and CCTV. These systems detect any breach attempts and trigger alerts, allowing for immediate action by our experts in the control room to prevent unauthorised access or potential theft.

How can surveillance cameras enhance site security?

Our construction site CCTV cameras provide continuous monitoring of your site, allowing for real-time observation and recording of activities. High-definition cameras with night vision and motion detection capabilities will help to identify and respond to potential security threats quickly, deterring theft and vandalism.

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Our experience with VIS has been nothing short of exceptional. The workmanship is top-notch, and we have never encountered any issues with their performance.

The live feed capability is incredibly valuable to us, and the quality of the video consistently meets and even exceeds our stringent requirements. This system has proven to be reliable, efficient, and ultimately essential to our security and surveillance needs.

We highly recommend their CCTV system to any organisation in need of a robust, dependable solution for monitoring and safeguarding their construction site.

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Project Manager

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