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Building site security systems go far and wide, including retail site security. With the scale of which retail construction sites operate at, it is incredibly important that you seek out a trusted and reliable construction site security company.

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At VIS Systems, we have 30 years of monitoring and technology experience behind us, carrying it into the retail sector. With our extensive range of high-quality, smart solutions, we can keep your retail construction site safer than ever.

We are proudly among the construction site security companies that are consistently going above and beyond to work on technological and innovative improvements. This has allowed us to curate a range of products suitable for retail construction sites across the UK.

Retail Construction Site Security Services

We have an impressive range of integrated technologies that spans security, site monitoring and workforce monitoring for a 360 approach to site security.

We have a streamlined process to get security for construction sites up and running in no time. An initial consultation will allow us to assess the Project and discuss the level of site security services that is required.

Once we have come to an agreement, most of the work is completed by our skilled engineers off-site. Most VIS products are plug & play and can be rapidly deployed to site for instant protection.

We work swiftly and succinctly to ensure that your Project is equipped with building site security systems sooner rather than later. Our CCTV products are manned by our remote CCTV control room and our access control systems help streamline your workforce management.

High Level Security with VIS’ CCTV Control Room

VIS hold SIA ACS status for Security Guarding. Our alarm receiving centre specialises in Construction Site Security, remote CCTV Monitoring with live Audio Challenge and rapid site security guard response.

This allows us to in real time, monitor your CCTV with rapid site security guard response and live audio challenging. By utilising our highly advanced virtual detection, false alarms can be filtered out with the capability of our cameras differentiating between humans and machinery, weather or other factors that could trigger the alarm.

Choose VIS Systems for Construction Site Security

We understand that the answer to top level security on your site is to recognize that tailored solutions are a must.

From consultation to completion, we want to ensure that you have peace of mind with the level of security on your retail construction site. We are experienced, innovative, and equipped to provide you with top-of-the-range monitoring and workforce solutions. Simply get in touch to find out how we can help your project.

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We have used VIS for quite some years now so much so that I cannot really remember the performance, quality and add-ons of the previous companies. What I am impressed with though is how VIS have identified new products that have hit the market and offered them to ensure we are leading the way in camera technology and have the benefits of sharper images, remove units and cableless cameras. In particular, the remote multi-camera units have allowed us to have CCTV that is monitored remotely from day one on site. Without these, it would usually take a number of weeks to get a series of cameras setup and running on site.

Paul Galloway

Contracts Manager

- Our Projects

We have a range of smart products to support all construction and infrastructure sectors

Paddington Village Infrastructure

Along with Morgan Sindall and Liverpool City Council, VIS Systems worked to keep their works at Paddington Village as safe and secure as possible.

Circle Square Manchester

A flagship development by SISK in Manchester orchestrated a regeneration project with two towers ready to make a statement within the city, to do this, they required only the best building site security systems. 

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