Residential Construction Site Security

At VIS Systems we like to share our expertise in monitoring services to ensure the safety and security of residential construction sites. We have been providing site security services for over 30 years with tailored security solutions to enhance site security and protect valuable assets.

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Our team of experts are highly experienced in providing top quality building site security systems for residential projects, paired with our experience is the innovative technology that we deploy. 

Our Approach to Residential Construction Site Security

Throughout our time providing security for construction sites, we have come to understand the unique challenges and requirements of residential construction site security. 

Our comprehensive approach encompasses a range of cutting-edge technologies such as construction site access control systems, access turnstile and CCTV systems, along with vigilant monitoring protocols.

This approach of deploying top quality systems allows us to monitor residential construction sites effectively to mitigate risks and protect valuable assets. 

Innovative Security Solutions for Residential Projects

Our comprehensive range of residential construction site security solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual project. Thus, as every building site is different, we tailor our services to your needs to ensure your construction site security is effective.

At VIS Systems we leverage the latest advancements in digital and cloud technology to deliver sustainable and cost-effective products that prioritise safety and security making us among the best construction site security companies on the market in the UK.

Our Residential Construction Site Security Solutions

#1 Construction Site CCTV

Our state-of-the-art CCTV systems provide continuous surveillance security for construction sites helping to deter unauthorised access whilst also monitoring activities in real-time.

At VIS Systems we are proud to provide a Solar Powered CCTV solution which harnesses renewable energy sources, offering flexibility and sustainability without compromising on surveillance quality.

#2 Remote Monitored CCTV Control Room

Our remote monitoring capabilities enable proactive surveillance, with trained professionals monitoring live feeds and responding rapidly to any building site security incidents.

#3 Construction Site CCTV Towers

Strategically positioned CCTV towers will provide elevated vantage points for enhanced monitoring and coverage of residential construction sites to help keep your valuable assets safe from theft or damage. 

#4 Construction Time-lapse

Why not capture the progress of your residential construction project with our time-lapse photography which offers a visual record of milestones and developments to help you in your future projects.

Tailored Workforce Monitoring Solutions for Residential Projects

In addition to site monitoring we also provide workforce monitoring solutions that are tailored to the needs of residential construction projects. 

Our building site security systems will allow you to monitor the access control turnstile and track attendance, this will help to ensure accountability and safety for on-site personnel. Only those with pre granted access can enter the site meaning no unauthorised access will be gained helping to protect workers, equipment, materials and machinery.

At VIS Systems, we prioritise client satisfaction and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle. 

We will design, test and install our building site security solutions with minimal on-site set up times, our remote monitoring station is operational 24/7 so that you can be rest assured that your residential project is safe and secure.

#1 Dedicated Support and Monitoring

At VIS Systems we have an in-house dedicated CCTV control room which is staffed by experienced professionals who hold SIA ACS status for Security Guarding. Our alarm receiving centre specialises in rapid response and live audio challenge to security incidents, by utilising the award-winning Immix video alarm receiving platform we can ensure a prompt response to any detected threats.

#2 Advanced Virtual Detection and False Alarm Mitigation

Our construction site security services also employ advanced virtual detection technologies that can differentiate between human and vehicle activities to effectively filter out any false alarms caused by environmental factors such as weather or materials.

#3 Partner with VIS Systems for Residential Construction Site Security

For developers, contractors, and homeowners seeking reliable and comprehensive site security services for residential construction projects look no further than VIS Systems as we offer unparalleled expertise and innovation. 

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and avail of our top quality building site security systems that safeguard your assets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no power at my residential construction site; how can I install security cameras?

The good news is, we have battery powered wireless HD cameras or solar towers for sites and areas with no power. These products also support sustainability targets by being net zero solutions.

Will VIS Systems security cameras work at night?

VIS Systems’ range of latest IP cameras have 24/7 colour technology that means they can maintain high-definition colour images even at night unlike other cameras which use infra-red light to give a black and white night time image.

How can I ensure my whole site is protected?

Our site engineers will survey your project at the start, and we have a phased approach to delivery. We will monitor the build program with you and can carry out regular reviews to ensure the site is protected as it develops and the risks change.

A Selection of Residential Projects by VIS Systems

Fulshaw Manor


Story Homes is excited to announce the start of construction on Fulshaw Manor, their debut development in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Founder Fred Story marked the occasion, highlighting the milestone as the company entered the prestigious Cheshire market.

The project will deliver 54 high-quality homes, tailored for modern living and designed to complement the area's charm. Set in Wilmslow's renowned Golden Triangle, the development promises luxury living in a picturesque setting. Richard Kitson, Sales Director, anticipates a successful launch in spring 2024, with strong community benefits and high interest already evident.

The Meadows

img.vistry |

The Meadows, a £33m development by Riverside Group for Sefton Council and Homes England, will deliver 130 homes, including 90 extra-care units and 40 houses/apartments in Ainsdale. Main contractor Countryside will offer affordable rent and shared ownership options.

Collaborating with the Sandbrook Coproduction Group, the project prioritises housing for neurodiverse individuals, with eight homes designed for short-term assessments. Riverside's Nick Jones highlights the scheme's inclusivity, part of their Strategic Partnership with Homes England. Cllr Marion Atkinson emphasises the community benefits, transforming a disused site into diverse housing options.

Harwood Road, Stockport


Breck Homes undertakes the construction of 106 residences along Harwood Road in Stockport for Great Places Housing Association, Plumlife Homes, and Cube Homes. 

This development encompasses a diverse range of housing arrangements, including outright sale, shared ownership, and social rent, within the desirable setting of Heaton Mersey. 

Commencing in the spring of 2021, land remediation efforts for this prominent project are in progress, with the anticipated completion of final plots slated for spring 2024.

Eldercot Road


Eldercot Road in Bolton, Greater Manchester, is set to welcome hundreds of Nuvu homes to the area. This expansive project represents MCI's most significant endeavour since its inception in 2011. 

Encompassing over 16 acres, the development aims to revolutionise local housing. With a total of 234 new residences planned, the community will feature a blend of private rented (67 units), shared ownership (119 units), and affordable rented dwellings (48 units), offering much-needed two, three, and four-bedroom accommodations. Additionally, the development includes the establishment of a new rounders facility, intended to replace the pitches displaced by the housing expansion.

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Our experience with VIS has been nothing short of exceptional. The workmanship is top-notch, and we have never encountered any issues with their performance.

The live feed capability is incredibly valuable to us, and the quality of the video consistently meets and even exceeds our stringent requirements. This system has proven to be reliable, efficient, and ultimately essential to our security and surveillance needs.

We highly recommend their CCTV system to any organisation in need of a robust, dependable solution for monitoring and safeguarding their construction site.

Glen Deacon

Project Manager

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Paddington Village Infrastructure

Along with Morgan Sindall and Liverpool City Council, VIS Systems worked to keep their works at Paddington Village as safe and secure as possible.

M2 Junction Improvements

At VIS Systems, we are thrilled to be integral to the success of upgrading one of the M2's busiest junctions. With such an important project underway, it was crucially important that high quality security was in place.

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