Our online pre-registration process has been designed to save time for project teams, all the while ensuring all workers arrive on site with the correct knowledge and credentials behind them.

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At VIS Systems our innovative online pre-registration solution provides un-compromised safety standards that optimises both time and costs.

Data is easily processed prior, freeing up your valuable time and providing essential site data it will allow you to make informed decisions on your staff.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Reduces Site Induction Times: Lengthy site induction processes become a thing of the past with our pre-registration system. By providing essential information digitally, we minimise downtime and maximise productivity.
  • Pre-Check CSCS: Our proactive approach enhances safety standards by carrying out pre-checks for Construction Industry Training Board (CSCS) qualifications, ensuring that all workers possess the necessary skills and certifications before entering your construction site.

CSCS Smart Check

CSCS Smart Check is designed to improve the construction industry’s card checking procedures and site safety while also helping tackle card fraud.

Our cloud workforce management software has had a CSCS card checker in place for several years, but no system in the marketplace has been able to check all cards displaying the CSCS logo. As a CSCS IT partner, we now have a software integration (API) which will automatically verify a worker’s credentials across multiple trades and skills.

The Safety benefits alone of this new feature are huge and with more emphasis on right to work and relevant training, it is critical that qualifications and certification are validated.

When an operative is completing their online pre-enrolment or induction, they simply add their CSCS card information across any skills they are qualified for, and a live auto-validation will instantly take place.

On the basis that the cards are accepted they can continue with the next steps before completing their initial site visit. If the card is not validated it is highlighted to site management to investigate and if required, further information on tackling and reporting fraudulent cards can be found here.

The process is managed completely in the cloud which removes the need for any card readers or a separate CSCS smart check app saving unnecessary management down time.

CSCS smart check works seamlessly with VIS plug & play construction site access control products to ensure that your site safety and construction site security systems are efficient and reliable.

Read more on our CSCS Smart Check integration here

How It Improves Your Construction Site Operations

Our online pre-regisitration solution is time and cost-efficient and can be fully managed and updated by the main contractor. This prevents having site and safety managers spend their time carrying out in-person inductions.

A digital registration process means that the data can be centralised through a digital platform and by doing so, opens the door to more data analysis.

What is online pre-registration for construction sites?

At VIS Systems our online pre-registration for construction sites is a digital process that allows workers, subcontractors and visitors to register their details and qualifications prior to gaining access to your construction site. It also helps streamline the induction process and ensures compliance with safety regulations.

How does online pre-registration benefit construction projects?

The online pre-registration will save you time and lower costs by eliminating the need for in-person site inductions. It enhances safety by ensuring that all personnel have the required certifications before entering the site.

What information is typically required for pre-registration?

Pre-registration typically requires information such as name, contact details and identification documents. Specific requirements vary depending on the project but can also include information about qualifications, certifications, training records and emergency contacts.

Is online pre-registration secure?

Yes, our online pre-registration system prioritises data security and confidentiality. Utilising encryption protocols and secure servers to protect your staff's sensitive information. Along with this there are access controls and authentication mechanisms implemented to ensure that only authorised personnel can view and update registration data.

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VIS provide a faster, safer and more precise system that reduces high volume touch points and recognises you in a split second. The software is intuitive, and provides simple viewable reports, and the roll call feature allows quick and easy access for fire drills. Overall we are very happy with the service provided by VIS on our projects and know that our workforce monitoring is in safe hands.

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