KIOSK clocking station

VIS kiosk solution is a rapidly deployable clocking system for time, attendance, and site access management on construction sites.

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Our innovative product is designed specifically for remote construction sites, fit-out schemes or projects which do not have the space or a requirement for a turnstile pod. The mobile, plug and play kiosk integrates seamlessly with our cloud based, construction access control software, enabling a suit of time sheet, safety, and CSR reports to improve efficiency. The unit has cutting edge biometric face scanning built in and ensures that key project workforce data is captured even without a site access turnstile.

KIOSK Clocking Station Features

  • Plug and Play

  • Cost effective

  • Robust construction design

  • High speed 5G enabled

  • Instant setup and can be easily relocated

  • Secure and reliable facial recognition system

  • Capture all workforce data

  • Integrated with VIS cloud workforce software

How will the kiosk clocking station help my site?

A smart clocking station will remove the need for a signing in book and paying an operative to manage this task. Your project will be more efficient and save administration time by automatically collating and reporting on things like time sheets, co2 emissions and local labour.

If you have a smaller project or a scheme that doesn’t warrant a turnstile system due to budget or logistics, the VIS kiosk is a simple and effective solution that is enabling with online CSCS verification and other considerate constructor compliance features.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no internet connection at my site; how can I use a Kiosk clocking station?

VIS provide high speed 4-5G connections with all products that we supply; this means there is no need to provide your own broadband or other communication on site. Most VIS products are also plug and play for rapid deployment.

What happens if the 4G LTE network drops out? Will I lose my data?

No, your data will be backed up in the cloud and events will re-sync when a connection restores. Our 4G routers ping reboot so if there is a connection issue it is automatically restored.

Do I need a turnstile to use a VIS Kiosk?

No, the kiosk is used for users clocking in and out of site or an area within site and does not need to be linked to a turnstile.

I have other sites with VIS and they have pods, can I use a kiosk on another Project?

Yes, you can have a mixture of pods, kiosks and turnstiles across all your projects and they will all link back to your central cloud database for a streamlined, consistent approach.

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VIS provide a faster, safer and more precise system that reduces high volume touch points and recognises you in a split second. The software is intuitive, and provides simple viewable reports, and the roll call feature allows quick and easy access for fire drills. Overall we are very happy with the service provided by VIS on our projects and know that our workforce monitoring is in safe hands.

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