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VIS time lapse cameras can bring your construction site to life. With ultra high definition 4K+ images taken throughout the project, we work with our clients and partners to deliver a high-quality, professional end to end video including your own branding and soundtrack. The images are uploaded to your own secure online access platform and can be easily viewed via a secure login.

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Construction time lapse systems are a great way of capturing the progress of a project, it has numerous benefits and is something that is growing in popularity. 

The technology used on construction site time lapse cameras means that they are specifically designed for construction sites, with this kind of specificity, you’re able to document the entire process with captivating videos that showcase your work. 

Construction Time Lapse Features

  • Live view web link

  • 4K+ cameras and high speed 4-5G connectivity

  • Multi-site portal – enjoy a live view of all your sites via a dedicated web portal

  • Recording – access recorded footage to view on site activity

  • Zoom in to get a closer look at the action

  • ANPR and BIM integration

  • Unlimited user accounts

  • Integration with VIS CCTV for A.I. analytics

How Construction Time Lapse Helps Projects Succeed

The view from a construction time lapse camera provides a unique perspective; plus when combined with our drone aerial photography gives a complete and highly cost-effective solution for your company’s marketing and progress monitoring.

Our time-lapse imaging can be used to capture your project at strategic intervals or from start to finish. As well as this, you can rest assured that at VIS, our solar time-lapse solution is at zero carbon and the perfect product for an environmentally responsible construction site.

Construction timelapse also has the potential to showcase your capabilities to key stakeholders, not only can this display your competency as a business to future investments and projects, but it can also be used as means of marketing. 

time lapse systems

The Usefulness of Time Lapse Cameras for Construction

Utilising the power of a time lapse camera for construction projects grants you with much more than just an interesting video. There are various uses of these final videos that can benefit your business in more ways than you may have initially thought. 

Some of the main uses of time lapse construction videos include, but aren’t limited to: 

Project Documentation and Monitoring

Time lapse construction videos serve as a comprehensive documentation tool, capturing the entire construction process from start to finish. This in turn provides a clear visual record of the project's evolution, helping you the owner, stakeholders, project managers, and clients monitor progress over time.

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

By choosing to reap the benefits of a time lapse construction camera, you can utilise the video footage as effective communication tools. This keeps stakeholders informed on the progress of the project and engaged in the construction process. They can be shared with clients, investors, and the public to showcase the project's milestones and achievements.

Problem Identification and Resolution

A timelapse camera for construction offers a unique way of identifying issues and presents you with the opportunity to resolve issues promptly. Not only that, but It facilitates an analysis of the construction process, enabling your teams to learn from challenges and improve future projects.

We recommend any construction company to use time lapse cameras to document and showcase projects. These cameras are a valuable tool for capturing the entire construction process in a condensed and visually compelling way. 

Whether you want to use time lapse footage for marketing purposes, project monitoring, or documentation. Start by allowing your company to demonstrate capabilities, track progress, and create engaging content that grabs the attention of clients and stakeholders by contacting us today at VIS Systems and getting ‍time lapse systems up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good time lapse interval for construction?

A good time lapse interval for construction is anywhere between 15-30 minutes to create a high quality video.

How do you time lapse a construction project?

VIS will work with you to decide the best possible location for your time lapse camera. Ideally the camera will be placed at a high level and a distance away from the building. Our cameras are high spec with cloud functionality to ensure the best quality.

How long should a construction time lapse video be?

The length of a construction time lapse video depends on the duration of the project, but typically it will be between 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

Essential features of time lapse video cameras

VIS have a variety of time lapse cameras depending on the environment and project requirements. Essential features includes 4K+ cameras and high speed 4-5G connectivity.

How do you get the best quality results for your time lapse video?

VIS work in collaboration with you to make sure we deliver the best possible solution as there can be a variety of different requirements depending on the job. We are flexible and can adapt to our clients needs 24/7.

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We have been utilising VIS Systems' services for several years, including their Timelapse cameras, CCTV monitoring, and Security Guarding. We have been consistently impressed with their professionalism, efficiency, and commitment to excellence.

The team at VIS Systems is highly experienced and knowledgeable, and they take the time to ensure that everything is planned out in advance, allowing for a seamless and well-organised installation process. They are highly skilled at identifying and resolving any potential issues during installation, ensuring timely completion with no delays.

The level of support and advice offered by VIS Systems is second to none - from Managing Director level down. They are always on hand to assist with any questions or concerns we may have, and they go above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met. VIS Systems is a company that operates with complete professionalism and dedication, and we would highly recommend them to anyone in need of high-quality construction site security solutions.

Chris Jones

Senior Project Manager

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