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At VIS Systems we prioritise construction site security and the safety of the workforce and community, for that reason, we provide building site security systems across various sectors including Healthcare construction sites.

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Our range of innovative products and services allow you to monitor and protect your sites 24/7 to maintain a safe and secure construction site.

With a team of certified professionals who are committed to delivering excellence every day, you can rely on us for your construction site security services and rest assured that your healthcare construction project will be protected.

Having our expert team install and maintain your building site security systems will significantly lower the risks of theft, vandalism and unauthorised access to your sites. Our systems are continuously updated and we develop new monitoring solutions that are working to improve your healthcare construction sites security.

At VIS Systems, we have extensive expertise in the healthcare construction sector, specialising in designing and installing systems that are fit for purpose with GDPR compliance in mind.

We cater to the specific needs of your sites by providing services such as construction biometric access control, CSCS smart check and construction time and attendance to identify and monitor the coming and goings of all visitors and workers.

Through thorough data protection impact assessments and the implementation of advanced features like privacy masking and face blurring, VIS ensures that our solutions align seamlessly with the security requirements of Healthcare projects, all the while doing the utmost to keep your project safe.

Our comprehensive services are far reaching across the construction industry, for all your site security services trust in us to deliver. Our technologies encompass two solutions: site monitoring and workforce monitoring, to ensure your healthcare construction site security is optimised and all workers and visitors are safe.

These solutions include, but due to our ever evolving work, are not limited to:

Case Studies

We have already been trusted to work on some huge projects, showing just how trustworthy and reliable our security solutions are for the healthcare sector when it comes to construction. 

Take a look at 3 of our projects below at a glance, and read more by following our projects hub.

Manchester Royal Infirmary

construction site security manchester

Thanks to Manchester City Council, a huge update in the Emergency Department (ED) at Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI) is granting the opportunity for better services in the NHS.

At VIS Systems, we take pride in contributing to such a commendable project during its construction phase. Our services offered the safety and security of this essential healthcare construction site, ensuring seamless daily operations. With a total budget of £40 million, this ambitious project entrusted VIS Systems with the responsibility of overseeing the workforce and maintaining business operations' safety.

GRAHAM Fife Orthopaedic Centre

hospital construction security

At VIS Systems, our focus is on ensuring patients and staff can carry out daily tasks without jeopardising their safety. To achieve this, we implemented our construction biometric access control system, employing facial recognition technology to regulate access within the facility. We're proud to have secured this highly anticipated project, which promises transformative outcomes for the NHS in Fife.

Tilbury Stepping Hill Hospital

construction site security

VIS Systems provided essential construction security services for this healthcare project, including advanced construction site CCTV. 

Our reliable building site security systems, tailored for the healthcare sector, ensured safety amidst unique risks in the security and healthcare sector.

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As part of our carbon initiative and while setting up the site with no mains electricity, we needed a high-quality, monitored CCTV tower that did not require a generator as these systems use diesel and create unwanted noise for local residents. VIS Eco Tower is solar-powered and has been on site since week one of the scheme. The unit is rapidly deployable and can easily be moved around the site if required for plant and security monitoring. We can access the HD cameras remotely and feel it is an immensely sustainable and cost-effective solution for both initial setup and end of project handover. Once we have the main cabins in situ and electricity is live, VIS will then implement stage 2 of the plan, remove the tower and install our site-wide CCTV.‍

Ben Wolstenholme

Senior Project Manager

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GRAHAM Fife Orthopaedic Centre

At VIS Systems we have been at the forefront of providing security for construction sites with one of our proudest projects to date working with GRAHAM to deliver a dedicated centre for planned orthopaedic services to the people of Fife. 

Manchester Royal Infirmary

Here at VIS Systems, we are proud to be a part of the development of the significant transformation of the Emergency Department (ED) at Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI).

Birmingham Children's Hospital

At VIS Systems we are proud to be involved in the £65 million upgrading scheme to improve the Birmingham Children’s Hospital alongside GRAHAM. This special healthcare project will see the creation of a three story care hub at the West Midlands health facility.

Tilbury Stepping Hill Hospital

We are proud to work with Tilbury Douglas to work on the £25 million project of Emergency & Urgent Care Campus (E&UCC) at Stepping Hill Hospital by Stockport NHS Foundation Trust.

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