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Cradle & Mast Climber Cameras

Determined to make construction sites safer in every way, VIS Systems have designed a state-of-the-art cradle and mast climber (MCWP) camera solution to support the management of quality and safety inspections.

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What are Construction Cradle & Mast Climber Cameras?

Our bespoke wireless camera system enables site management to remotely monitor the cradle or mast climber during construction works. The cameras help to ensure that any installation or remedial work happening in the MCWP can be visually documented for optimal quality management and improved safety of the workforce.

About Our Construction Cradle CCTV

To maintain quality and safety management, during high risk works on MCWP’s, the sub-contractor will halt their work to take a site supervisor up on the cradle to carry out QA inspection, this could occur frequently throughout the day depending on the works package.

VIS have developed a wireless, solar powered camera system for MCWP’s allowing you to monitor activity in real-time from the office or off site. You can also record footage or take high-resolution photos directly from the cameras, streamlining the inspection process and reducing the need for downtime.

How Can Cradle & Mast Climber Cameras Help?

  • Improve safety and quality management. 
  • Save down time and improve compliance reporting.
  • 4K resolution image quality.
  • Wireless and mobile solution.
  • Solar powered and easy to relocate.

Why Choose VIS Systems for Cradle Construction Safety

At VIS Systems, we offer versatile and innovative solutions for construction site safety. We are trusted by multinational blue-chip contractors that have seen how our monitoring solutions help the productivity of their project and most importantly keep their site and workforce safe.

With minimal options on the market specifically for construction cradles and MCWP’s, we are here to help, proving how we consistently look to assess the problems and solve them with our constant innovation day in, day out. 

Talk to us today to find out how you can make your construction site not only a safe one, but a highly productive one too with our extensive solutions.

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Your cameras mounted to the cradles whilst we have been replacing all transoms and mullions to the curtain walling to the Spine building have been brilliant for the monitoring of the installation and the QA documentation. I have recommended your CCTV cameras as a “Best Practice” operation throughout Morgan Sindall and would like to thank you for your service.

Jim Mather

Senior Site Manager

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Eldercot Road, Bolton | Greater Manchester

At VIS Systems we partnered with MCI Developments to provide much needed housing to Eldercot Road, it is the largest development undertaken by MCI since their foundation in 2011.

Harwood Road Stockport

We are proud to be a part of the large scale residential project at Harwood Road.

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