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Remote monitored CCTV control room

In 2020, here at VIS Systems, we made the decision to invest in setting up our own dedicated CCTV control room. Having previously outsourced CCTV remote monitoring, we felt that we were limited on the quality that we could provide to our clients and wanted to ensure that our partners consistently received best in class service and a complete future proof solution.

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Now, at VIS Systems, we hold SIA ACS status for Security Guarding, ensuring you can count on our CCTV control room systems. We wanted to ensure that we provided nothing but the best for our clients from start to finish and having a competent team in our remote monitored CCTV control room was key to this.

Our alarm receiving centre specialises in construction site security, remote CCTV Monitoring with live audio challenge plus, rapid site security guard response.

Why to Choose Us for CCTV Monitoring Services

At our CCTV control room, all high-definition Images and alerts are transmitted from the monitored site directly to our CCTV remote monitoring room. All VIS remote monitored CCTV systems have integrated high speed 4-5G connection to allow remote connectivity and seamless viewing of incidents.

Using specialist and award-winning alarm handling platforms such as Immix cloud, our SIA licenced SIA operators can access all CCTV cameras to undertake a visual tour.

Live audio enabled speakers throughout the site allow us to challenge and issue warning messages to intruders or staff no matter the incident. 

Then, our operators are trained to assess whether the incident needs escalating and deploy local security response or the emergency services as required. Images are recorded for crime prevention and public safety in line with the latest GDPR regulations and with a turnkey approach, VIS can offer peace of mind to our clients that their assets are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Remote Monitored CCTV Control Features

  • Immix cloud software Platform

  • Construction CCTV specialist

  • All leading equipment brands supported

  • Preferential Partner Pricing

  • Integrated security response dashboard for real time incident tracking

  • SIA Licensed Operators

How Can CCTV Monitoring Companies Help?

There are various reasons why opting for a manned CCTV control room is key to keeping your business safe, some of which may be more obvious than others. While it is clear that having this increases response time and security, you should also take into consideration the approximate 80% cost saving vs manned guarding. In fact, there can be an annual average project saving of £80k by using CCTV monitoring companies.

Not only that, but here at VIS Systems, we also offer a range of other solutions and combined, they make for a robust security system. For example, our face detection systems to our rapidly deployable mini solar tower 365

We also ensure that your full site is protected and monitored in line with CDM and GDPR regulations, so that you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a remote monitored CCTV control room?

A dedicated 24/7 operation that is designed to monitor intruder alarm activations from CCTV systems. VIS is a specialist in construction site CCTV monitoring with over 20 years management level industry experience.

How does CCTV monitoring work?

VIS have a range of CCTV solutions suitable for any size and type of construction project. Once a solution is installed on your site, it will be connected via 4G to our control room. If an intruder enters your site out of hours, VIS operators receive an instant alert and will audio challenge the intruders with a verbal warning. Local security response and Police would then be contacted as required and a detailed incident report would be issued to the project team.

What are the benefits of a CCTV control room?

Take the hassle out of construction site security and remove the need for traditional manned guarding security.

How often is the CCTV monitored?

Your CCTV is typically monitored outside of working hours for crime prevention and safety. Our latest CCTV systems use advanced virtual detection so cameras can differentiate between a human and vehicle, and filter out unwanted false alarms due to materials, wildlife and other building related factors.

Do VIS offer manned security guarding?

We understand that certain projects may still need security guards for insurance purposes or high-risk, sensitive sites. As part of the SIA approved contractor scheme (ACS), VIS can combine manned security, remote monitoring and a diversity of security products and services, Regionally and across the UK, to underpin and optimize our partners security and safety operations 24/7 - 365.

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The progression of CCTV technology over recent years has meant that the majority of site can be adequately secured with CCTV alone, whereas 5/10 years ago it would have been far more common to have placed a guard (or two) on a project. With regards to remote monitoring, the current VIS control room works a lot better, they send out reminders about weekend working, issue reports following an incident and appear to be far more reliable. CCTV cameras have also played a major part in recording some incidents/accidents, this in turn records the true event that has taken place, affords us to put control measures and learning in place to prevent it happening again, and prevents manufactured claims coming in from unscrupulous individuals.

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Contracts Manager

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