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Our temporary construction site security systems are designed to offer the highest level of CCTV monitoring available. VIS perimeter detection is virtual and operated by the latest IP technology meaning that unauthorised people and vehicles cannot access your project without triggering an instant alarm to our control room.

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At VIS Systems, our extensive range of services are designed to ensure the security, efficiency, and productivity of your business operations. With innovative technology and a commitment to excellence, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your unique needs, no matter the project size.

We offer a huge range of security management systems, from temporary construction site security to high level construction site security cameras, we have covered every corner to ensure optimal safety.

VIS construction site CCTV is one of the UK leaders in the sector, we keep numerous huge scale construction premises safe and secure with our ever evolving technology.

We go beyond your average site security camera, our construction site security systems offer fast turnarounds, off-site building for minimal disturbance to your site and quick installations so you can be protected sooner, rather than later. 

Some of our most popular building site security cameras that are implemented across numerous sectors include…

Construction Site CCTV

Ensuring the safety and security of your construction projects, our high-quality CCTV cameras offer comprehensive coverage and real-time monitoring to safeguard valuable assets.

Construction Site CCTV Towers

With strategically positioned construction site CCTV camera towers, you can deter potential threats and ensure a secure working environment with our advanced surveillance solutions.

Solar Powered CCTV

With environmentally conscious projects on the rise, go green with our solar-powered CCTV systems. Enjoy uninterrupted surveillance powered by sustainable energy sources for an eco-friendly approach to security.

Facial Recognition System

Our cutting-edge security works within our facial recognition systems. Enhancing access control and ensuring a secure environment for your business with advanced identification technology.

How Does CCTV Keep Your Site Safe?

  • Protect your project and improve safety monitoring

  • Support budget with cost effective technology and monitoring solutions

  • Quality service and one point of contact with VIS CCTV control room

  • Our CCTV is designed in line with latest GDPR regulations

  • VIS hold SIA ACS status for Security Guarding and with full UK coverage our local mobile security guards would provide a fast response to activations

  • 50m to 500m thermal detection

  • 24/7 color cameras with live guard strobe

Remote Monitored CCTV Control Room

One of the staple parts of VIS’ CCTV is our remote CCTV control room. 

Here at VIS Systems, we opted to allocate resources towards establishing an exclusive CCTV control centre, rather than outsourcing. Having relied on external sources for CCTV remote monitoring in the past, we recognised a lack of complete control over the service quality standards expected by our clients. 

Our goal was to guarantee that our partners consistently experienced top-notch service and were provided with a fully future-proof solution.

So, not only do our clients get CCTV for construction sites installed onsite but they don’t have to worry about outsourcing any level of remote response and surveilling, as we do it all under one roof.

VIS hold SIA ACS status for Security Guarding. Our alarm receiving centre specialises in Construction Site Security, remote CCTV Monitoring with live Audio Challenge and rapid site security guard response.

Our service utilises the award-winning Immix video alarm receiving platform, which allows instant response to incidents within seconds of them happening.

Using advanced virtual detection, our cameras can differentiate between human and vehicle, and filter out unwanted false alarms due to materials, weather and other factors.

You can rest assured that you benefit from 24/7 surveillance, rapid response, and expert analysis for unparalleled security.

Construction Site CCTV Features

  • Design, installation, and maintenance of Ultra HD and 4K systems

  • UK wide local fast response security guards

  • Solar CCTV towers

  • Remote CCTV monitoring

  • Remote access client app

  • 50m to 500m thermal detection

  • 24/7 color cameras with live guard strobe

  • Virtual detection trip wire tech

  • Smart A.I. analytics

  • Wireless mesh links to remove need for cable

  • UPS battery back up solutions

  • HD battery powered cameras

  • Live audio challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no internet connection at my job site; how can I access my video surveillance cameras?

VIS provide high speed 4-5G connections with all products that we supply; this means there is no need to provide your own broadband or other communication on site. Most VIS products are also plug and play for rapid deployment.

What happens if the 4G LTE network drops out? Will I lose my footage?

No, your footage will be saved on site to a local hard drive that will be in a secure lockable cabinet. Our 4G routers ping reboot so if there is a connection issue it is automatically restored.

I have no power at my job site; how can I install security cameras?

We have battery powered wireless HD cameras or solar towers for sites and areas with no power. These products also support sustainability targets by being net zero solutions.

I have nowhere to mount a camera; how can I secure my site?

VIS have a wide range of mounting options from wall poles, towers to free standing poles that do not require concrete bases or any civils on site.

How can I ensure the whole site is protected?

Our site engineers will survey your project at the start, and we have a phased approach to delivery. We will monitor the build program with you and can carry out regular reviews to ensure the site is protected as it develops and the risks change.

Will the cameras work at night?

VIS range of latest IP cameras have 24/7 color technology that means they can maintain high-definition color images even at night unlike other cameras which use infra-red light to give a black and white night time image.

What if I don’t have time to manage the cameras? How can I protect my site?

As a trusted partner, VIS will manage and maintain the system for you and work closely with you to ensure you can focus on building your project. Construction site are typically high value and high risk so regular reviews of your site security camera coverage is key to mitigating incidents.

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We have used VIS for quite some years now so much so that I cannot really remember the performance, quality and add-ons of the previous companies. What I am impressed with though is how VIS have identified new products that have hit the market and offered them to ensure we are leading the way in camera technology and have the benefits of sharper images, remove units and cableless cameras. In particular, the remote multi-camera units have allowed us to have CCTV that is monitored remotely from day one on site. Without these, it would usually take a number of weeks to get a series of cameras setup and running on site.

Paul Galloway

Contracts Manager

- Our Projects

We have a range of smart products to support all construction and infrastructure sectors

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