Keeping Your Construction Site Safe Over Winter

April 9, 2024

Learn about the rising issue of theft in the UK construction industry and the impact on sites during the winter season. Discover proactive measures, including advanced CCTV solutions from VIS Systems, to safeguard assets and ensure uninterrupted project progress. Embrace a safer future for your construction sites. Read more to build resilience in every season.

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The UK still grapples with the persistent issue of machinery and equipment theft, so how can you keep your construction site safe over winter? 

According to a survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building, 92% of construction companies state that they experience the direct impact of petty crime, and 21% report that their sites are targeted by theft on a weekly basis. In 2020, the cumulative cost of theft and vandalism within the UK construction industry amounted to £800 million. 

It isn't just the construction site that is a target for these criminals as tool theft from vans near construction sites is very common. 

About Construction Site Security in the Winter 

Keeping your site safe over winter is essential as the nights get longer and the Christmas season rolls around, your construction site can become an easy target if left unsecured. 

This year and every year moving forward you can rest easy if you invest in security. 

With a range of state of the art technologies and 24 hour CCTV surveillance you wont need to pay for manned guards who cost on average 80% more annually. 

Along with the evenings getting darker earlier, many construction sites temporarily close for 2-3 weeks in the winter period for Christmas, great for staff but this provides thieves with an opportunity to strategise and carry out theft from your site. 

New and improved security technology exists to keep construction sites safe, and it should be utilised - find out below how you can specifically protect your site. 

What Can You Do to Protect Your Site? 

In order to properly secure your site, you need to think about your assets. 

For example, safeguarding your valuable assets such as tools, machinery, plant hire, and diesel, but also paying attention to factors like weather conditions, scaffolding, fencing, trenches, and excavations. 

Relocate your machinery and tools out of sight to minimise the risk of theft, utilise a secure storage solution, such as a padlocked shipping container. Additionally, you can enhance security by strategically placing lights or a portable CCTV tower on site.

How to Implement Construction Site Security 

So what is a step you can take to secure your site for the winter period? 

A system like our construction site CCTV at VIS Systems is virtual and operated by the latest IP Technology, linked to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) the monitoring station is manned 24 hours 7 days a week. 

Any unauthorised people and vehicles cannot access your project without triggering an instant alarm to the control room. When an alarm is activated on site VIS can pinpoint the location of the intruder and will communicate with the response guard to prevent any loss or damage to your business. 

Among the best CCTV tower options in the construction site security industry is the Solar Powered Smart HD CCTV Tower. 

It is solar powered and will run autonomously all year round with no need for a generator and mains power supply. The CCTV tower uses the latest 24 hour colour view cameras with virtual detection and is remotely monitored by VIS’s in house CCTV control room. 

The vandal resistant CCTV towers provide a cost-effective, and sustainable site security camera solution without compromising safety and protection in the winter. 

They are a perfect solution for enabling groundworks where buildings are not blocking line of sight or for areas that have no power available. CCTV Towers have a range of benefits on a construction site, they can be easily moved and deployed wherever you need at any time. 

Another popular site security and monitoring solution is the Pod Access Control, an entrance/exit pod that comprises a compact and secure, anti-vandal steel unit, integrated with contactless biometrics and a full height turnstile. 

This is essential for accurately monitoring site attendance and ensures that only certified and verified users can access your Project. This will assist in keeping your site safe over the winter period, since there is no room for unauthorised access in order to plan or carry out theft. 

Final Thoughts on Keeping Your Construction Site Safe This Winter

The persistent threat of theft and vandalism in the UK construction industry, underscores the crucial need for robust security measures. 

The staggering losses every year emphasises the urgency of proactive protection. As winter approaches, with its extended nights and temporary site closures providing prime opportunities for theft, investing in comprehensive solutions like VIS Systems becomes imperative. 

Taking steps now to secure your site not only protects your assets but also ensures the uninterrupted progress of your projects. 

Contact us today if you’re interested in boosting your safety and security this winter and build a safer future for your construction sites for every season.

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