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Solar powered CCTV

As we head towards net zero, our smart solar powered CCTV products use the latest integrated innovation to help reduce carbon footprint and effectively monitor your site.

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Our smart HD CCTV tower is a key solution to working towards a more eco conscious solution and all the while, keeping your construction site secure. 

Solar powered CCTV will run autonomously all year round with no need for a generator or mains power supply. We understand that it can be difficult keeping your construction project’s carbon footprint down, which is why we want to contribute with an eco security solution. 

The CCTV tower uses the latest 24 hour colour view cameras with virtual detection and is remotely monitored by our in house CCTV control room

Once intruders are detected our SIA operators audio challenge and dispatch our local security response guards to site; the system is an ideal solution for construction and any project that wants to be more environmentally conscious. 

Our solar powered security cameras are a complete rapid deployment solution. The 4K ultra wide angle camera is specifically designed for construction sites to provide optimum progress monitoring of a project. 

With integrated 4G/5G, the solar towers system connects to the cloud so that we can ensure no downtime and provide web links for clients to monitor progress.

Solar Powered CCTV Features

  • 24 hour colour view CCTV

  • Remotely monitored

  • Live audio

  • 4K resolution

  • 365 solar powered

  • High speed 4G

  • Reduce project carbon

  • BREEAM compliant

  • No power required

  • Cost effective

  • No need for security guard

  • Rapid deployment

  • No cabling

  • Enhanced time lapse

Why Choose Solar Powered CCTV?

Choosing solar-powered CCTV systems offers several advantages, all of which positively contribute to a more sustainable way of conducting business.

Aside from the eco friendliness, one of the biggest benefits is the fact that our solar powered CCTV towers can be implemented promptly with no external resources required to get them up and running. They can be installed in remote locations even without access to grid power.

You can also rely on flexible camera placement, since they’re portable and are prepared for a range of construction projects. With that versatility in mind, solar powered security cameras of course provide an uninterrupted power supply, ensuring continuous surveillance even during power outages.

Inquire Today About Solar CCTV Cameras

Talk to us today about solar powered CCTV and we can help you start securing your construction site today, without environmental implications. Plus, for answers to more frequent queries, read our FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do solar-powered security cameras work in winter?

In the winter months when there is periods of minimal sunlight the battery levels can drop. VIS have a proactive maintenance portal that alerts our support team of battery levels and engineers will swap batteries out as and when required to maintain operation.

How long do solar powered security cameras last?

VIS solar powered security cameras last all year round with battery upgrades as required.

Does rain affect solar panels?

As long as the solar panels are South facing rain won’t be an issue.

Do solar panels require maintenance?

Yes they do require maintenance and that’s managed by VIS, you won’t need to worry about that yourself.

Do solar panels work at night?

VIS CCTV Towers will still be operational at night and the solar panels will supply a charge during the day. When the sun goes down the batteries will have enough power to maintain the systems during the night.

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Our experience with VIS has been nothing short of exceptional. The workmanship is top-notch, and we have never encountered any issues with their performance.

The live feed capability is incredibly valuable to us, and the quality of the video consistently meets and even exceeds our stringent requirements. This system has proven to be reliable, efficient, and ultimately essential to our security and surveillance needs.

We highly recommend their CCTV system to any organisation in need of a robust, dependable solution for monitoring and safeguarding their construction site.

Glen Deacon

Project Manager

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We are proud to be a part of the large scale residential project at Harwood Road.

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