Birmingham Children's Hospital

At VIS Systems we are proud to be involved in the £65 million upgrading scheme to improve the Birmingham Children’s Hospital alongside GRAHAM. This special healthcare project will see the creation of a three story care hub at the West Midlands health facility.


This project is close to our hearts as it will provide the healthcare facility with a space for an intraoperative MRI (iMRI) machine, the hospital has stated that this will reduce the need for children to travel to different facilities for the treatment.

This project will provide critically required facilities for the city and wider regions. We offered our services as we understand that the healthcare sector requires essential building site security systems to keep patients, staff, medication and facility safe. 

We integrated our commercial site access control system into the traditional safety measures already in place to improve security. Along with this we added an extra layer of construction security by incorporating our facial recognition system to identify and monitor everyone in and around the facility to keep everyone safe.

In order to provide optimal construction site security services, we incorporated a range of services that includes:

We take great pride in being able to provide top quality building security systems that will improve security for hospitals and other healthcare facilities keeping patients and staff safe to continue with their daily tasks. For more healthcare projects that we have been involved in check out Tilbury Stepping Hill Hospital or Manchester Royal Infirmary.

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