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If you’re looking for reliable construction site CCTV cameras that'll help keep your site safe and secure then look no further.

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At VIS Systems we provide state of the art construction site security systems that are designed to offer the highest level of CCTV monitoring available. 

CCTV for Construction Sites: What We Do for Your Manchester Site

At VIS Systems we provide a comprehensive range of security management systems, from temporary construction site security to high level construction site security cameras, no matter what your construction site needs we have covered every corner to ensure optimal safety.

Some of our most sought after features include the likes of perimeter detection, a virtual system that is operated by the latest IP technology. This means that unauthorised people and vehicles cannot access your site without triggering an instant alarm to our control room. 

Choosing the right provider for construction site security in Manchester is essential to help protect valuable assets such as machinery, tools , equipment and materials from thieves. Once stolen, these items are difficult to find and or replace so avoid an unnecessary cost and invest in security before it damages your project. 

How our CCTV in Manchester Keeps Your Site Safe

For robust construction site security in Manchester our approach blends advanced technology and cost-effective solutions. Our construction site CCTV cameras comply with the latest GDPR regulations to ensure privacy while providing effective surveillance

Not to mention that our CCTV for construction sites is connected to our VIS Systems CCTV control room.

Alongside our top quality CCTV security systems we have a SIA ACS accredited Security Guarding status which guarantees top-tier security, with a rapid response for those in Manchester. 

The CCTV systems have thermal detection capabilities that span from 50m to 500m, complemented by 24/7 colour cameras featuring live guard strobe functionality. Our dedication to construction site security in Manchester is unwavering, we provide top quality technology, constant vigilance and swift action that'll safeguard all your projects.

Our Remote Monitored CCTV Control Room

A staple of our CCTV in Manchester is our remote CCTV control room. We invested in resources to establish an exclusive CCTV control centre, rather than outsourcing. 

This allows us to provide a top quality service without depending on others who may not be as experienced or well trained which can truly be the difference in early detection and deterring threats.

Our goal was to guarantee that our partners consistently experienced top service and were provided with a fully future-proof solution. Not only do our clients get construction site CCTV installed onsite, they don’t have to worry about outsourcing any level of remote response and surveilling, as we do it all under one roof. 

Our alarm receiving centre specialises in Construction Site Security, remote CCTV Monitoring with live Audio Challenge and rapid site security guard response.

You can rest assured that your construction site is under 24/7 surveillance with a rapid response team on hand for when it matters most, sp for unparalleled security trust the team at VIS Systems in Manchester.

Our Construction Site CCTV Features

When you choose our construction site security in Manchester, you can feel the benefit of the following features:

  • Design, installation, and maintenance of Ultra HD and 4K systems
  • UK wide local fast response security guards
  • Solar CCTV towers
  • Remote CCTV monitoring
  • Remote access client app
  • 50m to 500m thermal detection
  • 24/7 colour cameras with live guard strobe
  • Virtual detection tripwire tech
  • Smart A.I. analytics
  • Wireless mesh links to remove need for cable
  • UPS battery backup solutions
  • HD battery powered cameras
  • Live audio challenge

Popular Options for Construction Security Manchester

While we offer a huge range of solutions, from CCTV to workforce monitoring, some of the most popular features we offer here at VIS Systems include the following:

Construction Site CCTV Towers

With strategically positioned construction site CCTV camera towers, you can deter potential threats and ensure a secure working environment. At VIS Systems our CCTV towers can be deployed rapidly and have been designed to be modular, enabling them to be effective on any size and type of construction site or temporary location where site security cameras are required. 

We offer both powered and stand alone solar charged models. Our towers can be set up on site in a matter of hours to provide immediate monitoring of CCTV in Manchester. Depending on your projects’ requirements, we can upgrade the tower with long range thermal detection, 4K time lapse, 360 PTZ cameras or environmental monitoring equipment for a complete smart solution.

Solar Powered CCTV

Looking for an environmentally friendly CCTV in Manchester? Then look no further than our go green solar-powered CCTV systems. 

With environmentally conscious projects on the rise we offer uninterrupted surveillance powered by sustainable energy sources for an eco-friendly approach to construction site security in Manchester. 

CSCS Smart Check

The CSCS Smart Check aims to enhance card verification processes within the construction industry and promote site safety, while also addressing issues related to card fraud.

For a number of years, our cloud-based workforce management software has included a CSCS card checker, but none of the existing systems on the market were capable of verifying all cards bearing the CSCS logo. As an IT partner of CSCS, we have developed a software integration (API) that enables automatic validation of a worker's credentials across various trades and skill sets.

The introduction of this new feature carries significant safety benefits. With increasing emphasis placed on right-to-work regulations and the importance of relevant training, it is imperative that qualifications and certifications are authenticated effectively.

Get in Touch, Today

Whatever construction site security measures you require in Manchester the team at VIS have you covered.

Get in contact today for unparalleled site security technology with a team of highly trained professionals who will have your systems up and running in no time.

How can I protect my site if I don’t have time to manage the cameras?

As a trusted partner, VIS Systems will manage and maintain the system for you and work closely with you to ensure you can focus on building your project. Construction sites are typically high value and high risk so regular reviews of your site security camera coverage is key to mitigating incidents.

Will VIS Systems’ security cameras work at night time?

VIS range of latest IP cameras have 24/7 colour technology that means they can maintain high-definition colour images even at night. This is unlike other cameras which use infra-red light to give a black and white night time image.

I have nowhere to mount a camera, can I still use VIS Systems’ cameras?

VIS have a wide range of mounting options from wall poles, towers to free standing poles that do not require concrete bases or any civils on site. That's why our products are so versatile, as we want to ensure that any site is safe with our help.

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Our experience with VIS has been nothing short of exceptional. The workmanship is top-notch, and we have never encountered any issues with their performance.

The live feed capability is incredibly valuable to us, and the quality of the video consistently meets and even exceeds our stringent requirements. This system has proven to be reliable, efficient, and ultimately essential to our security and surveillance needs.

We highly recommend their CCTV system to any organisation in need of a robust, dependable solution for monitoring and safeguarding their construction site.

Glen Deacon

Project Manager

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