Eldercot Road, Bolton | Greater Manchester

At VIS Systems we partnered with MCI Developments to provide much needed housing to Eldercot Road, it is the largest development undertaken by MCI since their foundation in 2011.

52 Months

At VIS Systems we partnered with MCI Developments to provide much needed housing to Eldercot Road, it is the largest development undertaken by MCI since their foundation in 2011. 

The project covers over 16 acres, this major scheme was designed to transform housing in the local area. 

Comprising 234 new homes, and a mix of private rented (67 units) shared ownership (119 units) and affordable rented dwellings (48 units), the site will provide much needed two, three and four bedroom homes. 

The development also includes the construction of a new rounders facility, to replace the pitches lost to the new housing development.

We installed our top of the range construction site CCTV towers which provide elevated vantage points for enhanced monitoring and coverage of residential construction sites, helping to keep valuable assets on site safe from theft and damage. 

The CCTV Towers are linked directly to our remote monitored CCTV control room enabling us to provide proactive surveillance, with trained professionals monitoring live feeds and responding rapidly to any building site security incidents.

If you require building site security for any projects no matter how big, small or remote we can provide a security solution that works for you. 

Another measure we took to improve tracking during the project is with our construction site time lapse cameras which offers a visual record of milestones and developments that can help you in your future projects, keeping stakeholders up to date and with marketing.

Get in contact today if you require any sort of site security services, with our wealth of experience and knowledge we are able to provide fast solutions and deploy our technologies to your site rapidly.

What is a remote monitored CCTV control room?

A dedicated 24/7 operation that is designed to monitor intruder alarm activations from CCTV systems. VIS is a specialist in construction site CCTV monitoring with over 20 years management level industry experience.

How does CCTV monitoring work?

VIS have a range of CCTV solutions suitable for any size and type of construction project. Once a solution is installed on your site, it will be connected via 4G to our control room. If an intruder enters your site out of hours, VIS operators receive an instant alert and will audio challenge the intruders with a verbal warning. Local security response and Police would then be contacted as required and a detailed incident report would be issued to the project team.

What are the benefits of a CCTV control room?

Take the hassle out of construction site security and remove the need for traditional manned guarding security.

How often is the CCTV monitored?

Your CCTV is typically monitored outside of working hours for crime prevention and safety. Our latest CCTV systems use advanced virtual detection so cameras can differentiate between a human and vehicle, and filter out unwanted false alarms due to materials, wildlife and other building related factors.

Do VIS offer manned security guarding?

We understand that certain projects may still need security guards for insurance purposes or high-risk, sensitive sites. As part of the SIA approved contractor scheme (ACS), VIS can combine manned security, remote monitoring and a diversity of security products and services, Regionally and across the UK, to underpin and optimise our partners security and safety operations 24/7 - 365.

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