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We offer protection and top quality construction site security in a range of sectors, including the public sector. Our range of products are designed to monitor and protect at all times, keeping all aspects of a construction safe and secure.

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We at VIS Systems offer comprehensive site security systems for public sector projects for optimal performance and a smooth, safe and secure construction process. 

Our highly experienced team, combined with our top of the range temporary construction site security products and services make for a modern-day monitoring system. 

Public sector building construction requires top quality security, and this is something we confidently offer with our range of services and products. From our remote CCTV control room to building site security we cover every corner.

With much experience in this sector, VIS systems are designed and installed with GDPR in mind. VIS ensures that our solutions are in line with our partners requirements by carrying out a data protection impact assessment and the utilisation of smart analytical features like privacy masking and face blurring.

Our technologies work across two solutions for public sector building site security, these are site monitoring and workforce monitoring, ensuring safety for all staff, visitors and everything in between.

These solutions include the following:

Installing Public Sector Security Management

We’re committed to installing security systems in place as seamlessly as possible and making your public sector construction site security bigger and better. 

During an initial consultation, we will be able to decide on the requirements that you want and what we recommend is necessary based on the size and scale of the project. Whether it is construction site security cameras or time lapse cameras for construction portfolios, we cover everything for a smooth project process.

Once we have come to a conclusion on what services are required, you can leave the rest of the work to us. We build and test the solutions off-site then our skilled engineers install them onside  upon completion.

CCTV Control Room for Public Sector Construction Sites

At VIS Systems, we understand the level of security required for any project and sector

For this reason, we boast a CCTV control room. VIS hold SIA ACS status for Security Guarding. Our alarm receiving centre specialises in Construction Site Security, remote CCTV Monitoring with live Audio Challenge and rapid site security guard response

This CCTV System service is perfect for public sector construction sites, particularly large scale projects. It uses the award-winning Immix video alarm receiving platform, which makes for instant response to incidents, just seconds of them happening.

Using advanced virtual detection, our cameras have the ability to differentiate humans from machinery, filtering out unwanted false alarms due to materials, weather and other factors.

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The progression of CCTV technology over recent years has meant that the majority of site can be adequately secured with CCTV alone, whereas 5/10 years ago it would have been far more common to have placed a guard (or two) on a project. With regards to remote monitoring, the current VIS control room works a lot better, they send out reminders about weekend working, issue reports following an incident and appear to be far more reliable. CCTV cameras have also played a major part in recording some incidents/accidents, this in turn records the true event that has taken place, affords us to put control measures and learning in place to prevent it happening again, and prevents manufactured claims coming in from unscrupulous individuals.

Paul Galloway

Contracts Manager

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We have a range of smart products to support all construction and infrastructure sectors

M2 Junction Improvements

At VIS Systems, we are thrilled to be integral to the success of upgrading one of the M2's busiest junctions. With such an important project underway, it was crucially important that high quality security was in place.

Stockport SEND School Construction

At VIS Systems we ensured that the construction of this project was secure and safe with our expertise in construction site security systems. With our swift installation services and top quality products, we worked with Morgan Sindall for a complete and secure building site.

VINCI Civil Service Hub

This development is a pivotal part of the £350 million Talbot Gateway regeneration initiative, which includes a new tram interchange at Blackpool North Station and a 144-bedroom Holiday Inn hotel. This level and scale of project required top quality site security solutions, which we provided and implemented seamlessly.

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