Dangers of Social Urban Exploration to a Construction Site

April 9, 2024

Urban exploration may start out as a harmless adventure but it can become dangerous very quickly. Since construction sites are not the finished project, there is the presence of heavy duty equipment, heavy materials and half built infrastructure. Meaning ultimately, anything can happen. So, you should secure your site by introducing the right safety measures.

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In recent times, social media urban exploration in construction has unfortunately become a trend and a serious safety and security risk that we all need to be aware of, particularly stakeholders and construction site management companies. 

Most construction sites will have remotely monitored CCTV on site and possibly manned guarding depending on the scale of the operation, but you need to ensure that additional measures for crane or high-rise building security are also factored in.

What is Urban Exploration?

Urban exploration is an activity that involves evading building site security, exploring sites that are off limits and often climbing structures on the property to get the best photograph or video. 

Urban explorers often trespass into restricted areas such as construction sites, their scaffolding and half built structures are often the reason why. 

This can pose many dangers not only to the trespassers themselves, but to workers and businesses. Continue reading to find out what construction site security services can do to secure your premises from these threats.

Building Site Security: What You Need

Urban exploration may start out as a harmless adventure but it can become dangerous very quickly. Since construction sites are not the finished project, there is the presence of heavy duty equipment, heavy materials and half built infrastructure. Meaning ultimately, anything can happen. 

So, you could secure your site by introducing the following safety measures:

The presence of construction site CCTV cameras and security personnel along with other safety measures will drastically reduce the risk of trespassing for urban exploration or theft.

These measures are all deterrents that improve the overall building site security but having manned guards is also critical as they can respond immediately when on site. Having a CCTV control room and response teams who are aware of the recent surge in urban exploration activities taking place across the UK is essential, so think about having this in place particularly on large scale projects.

Why You Need These Building Site Security Measures

Urban Exploring’/’Urbex’/’Roof Topping’ are all forms of civic or criminal trespassing onto private land and tall buildings, without the occupier’s permission. Often the activity is filmed, including by drones and promoted on social media. 

The risk-taking element is a part of the activity and intrinsic to the sub-culture and has also recently included base jumping from the top of tall buildings.

You need the building site security measures not only to deter trespassers but to cover your organisation legally in case any incidents occur on your site. In the UK, companies that own or operate construction sites have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their premises. If a trespasser is injured or killed on your construction site you may face various legal consequences that can include:

Civil Liability

The trespasser or their family may bring a civil lawsuit against the company for damages if they suffer an injury on your site, this could include compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, pain and other related costs.

Criminal Liability

Depending on the circumstances, the company could face criminal charges if it is found that their negligence or failure to adequately secure the site contributed to the trespasser's injury or death. Criminal charges could result in fines, sanctions, or even imprisonment for responsible individuals within the company.

Public Relations Damage

Regardless of the legal consequences, some incidents involving injury or death on a company's construction site can lead to significant reputational damage. Negative publicity and public perception can impact your company brand, future business opportunities and relationships with stakeholders.

Health and Safety Violations 

If your construction site is found to have violated health and safety regulations, your company can face penalties from regulatory bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in England, or equivalent bodies in other parts of the UK. These penalties could include fines, enforcement notices and or prosecution.

Insurance Implications

Your company's insurance coverage may be affected by incidents involving trespassers, insurance providers may increase premiums or impose coverage restrictions in response to the perceived risks due to trespassers and lack of construction site security services.

Get Construction Site Safety Secured, Today

Construction sites are filled with hazards that may not be immediately apparent to the untrained eye, from exposed electrical wiring and hazardous materials to unstable structures. In construction sites there's no shortage of potential dangers even to trained professionals who are working so you can only imagine the dangers to urban explorers who have entered the site illegally. 

Climbing unstable structures or entering unfinished buildings poses a significant risk of collapse. This highlights the importance of having a construction site cctv tower alongside other construction site security services to provide around the clock surveillance. 

Having temporary construction site security measures such as a team of manned guards and visible CCTV cameras can help deter trespassers and avoid legal action. 

A trusted provider for construction site security services in the UK is us at VIS Systems, we provide a comprehensive range of security measures and systems. 

Get in contact with us for any assistance or if you have any concerns regarding security.

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