M2 Junction Improvements

At VIS Systems, we are thrilled to be integral to the success of upgrading one of the M2's busiest junctions. With such an important project underway, it was crucially important that high quality security was in place.


A Combination of Safety Solutions

GRAHAM has secured a £92 million contract from Highways England to enhance Junction 5 of the M2 motorway in Kent, with the aim of improving travel times for drivers in the region.

The civil engineering specialist will focus on significant upgrades to the slip roads and junction approaches near Sittingbourne, Kent. Additionally, the project includes the expansion of the Stockbury Roundabout on the A249 beneath the M2. As part of the improvements, GRAHAM will replace the roundabout with a new flyover interchange to enhance traffic flow on the A249.

The project entails the creation of two new dedicated slip roads, facilitating a left turn for southbound A249 traffic to the westbound M2 and a left turn for northbound A249 traffic to the eastbound M2.

With a project underway with this level of importance, safety is at the top of the list. VIS Systems provided a range of solutions such as CCTV, KIOSKS clocking station, Time and Attendance and Time Lapse features.

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