White Paper: Enhancing Construction Site Safety

January 17, 2024

This white paper highlights the innovative transition from fingerprint to face recognition technology, incorporating thermal screening for enhanced safety. Witness the significant positive impacts on efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and improved social value, as industry leaders endorse the transformative results.

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White Paper: Enhancing Construction Site Safety & Efficiency through Innovative Technology

A Case Study of VIS Systems and GRAHAM Group


VIS Systems, a specialist monitoring company, has successfully implemented transformative measures to enhance safety and operational efficiency on construction sites. 

This white paper details the strategic decisions, interventions, and innovations made by VIS Systems in collaboration with GRAHAM Group, resulting in significant improvements during a period marked by the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Company Overview

VIS Systems specialises in providing vision, intelligence, and safety solutions for construction sites. The company's integrated imaging technologies like construction site security cameras

and remote CCTV control rooms aim to monitor and protect construction sites, the workforce, and the environment, ultimately contributing to a safer construction industry.

Pre-Covid Product

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, VIS Systems utilised cutting-edge fingerprint biometric technology for access control on construction sites, a form of innovative temporary construction site security. 

The core product was a turnstile pod linked to a cloud-based multi-site management software.

Intervention and Innovation during Covid

Challenges and Decision-Making

During the Covid-19 pandemic, high-touch points such as fingerprint readers posed a risk, leading to avoidance as per government guidelines which meant we needed to provide a more innovative way of offering site security systems.

VIS Systems strategically decided not to furlough staff, focusing instead on research and development (R&D) to address the challenges posed by Covid-19.

Solutions: Technology Upgrade

VIS Systems invested time and capital to upgrade turnstile pods from fingerprint to contactless facial recognition technology.

The upgrade presented challenges, including product reliability, software integration, face enrolment, visitor access, resource allocation, and tight timelines.

After an accelerated 8-week live site trial in Manchester, the face recognition technology proved fast, accurate, and contactless.

Major Improvements

  • The pod became true plug-and-play.
  • Integration of a thermal temperature screening camera for additional construction site security systems safety measures.

Efficiency and Positive Business Change

  • VIS Systems eliminated the need for on-site engineers by managing face enrolment via cloud software.
  • VIS Systems became the first company to offer a contactless plug-and-play solution, contributing to reduced CO2 emissions during Covid restrictions.

Safety Measures

  • Integration of a thermal camera within the pod for auto-locking if a user's temperature exceeded 38 degrees.
  • Instant alerts sent to the site management team for additional preventive measures.

Long-Term Impact

  • Guaranteed revenues through supply chain agreements (e.g., GRAHAM Group).
  • Reduced technology carbon footprint with the adoption of a contactless plug-and-play solution.

Client Benefits

  • Reduction in on-site enrolment, minimising risk and saving time.
  • Faster, more reliable, and contactless solutions improving overall safety and security.
  • Improved social value monitoring through key performance indicator (KPI) reports on local labour, sustainability, and employment skills.


GRAHAM GROUP – Head of Health & Safety, Robin Fleming, expressed satisfaction with the improvements and plans to implement the solution across all sites.

Willmott Dixon (Manchester College) – Building Manager, Jack Hall, praised the speed, accuracy, and software of the solution, expanding its implementation across all Northern sites.

Recognition and Industry Impact

An article published on the Considerate Constructors Best Practice Hub earlier in the year endorsed VIS Systems' Thermal Temperature Scanning Camera solution.


VIS Systems, through responsive and dynamic measures, has not only addressed the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic but has also pioneered a contactless plug-and-play solution, setting a standard for safety and efficiency in the construction industry. 

The company's commitment to R&D has not only ensured industry safety but has also contributed to a reduction in CO2 emissions, showcasing a holistic approach to addressing industry challenges.

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