Advanced Site Monitoring Systems Designed for the Construction Industry

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High-Definition IP cameras and recorded 1080p real time footage can be used for site security and to assist with Health & Safety compliance. Our cutting-edge solution ensures that clear images are captured day & night whilst utilising wireless technology so that no cabling is required, reducing our installation time and minimizing any risk. Our system is remotely monitored to secure your site out of hours, the instant an intruder is detected a live audio challenge is issued from our control room and local response security guards are contacted to respond.




Ideal for sites where there is no mains power available or a rapidly deployable solution is required, VIS have a range of wireless solutions available. From wireless battery powered PIR cameras to solar powered HD analytical camera towers, we have the experience to provide a tailored solution to any site, small or large. 



Our perimeter detection is Virtual meaning that no PIR sensors are required reducing installation time on site. We use the latest IP technology and video analytics to create a Virtual perimeter boundary that cannot be bypassed by people or vehicles without triggering an alarm. The instant an alarm is received by our control room the intruder is issued with a live audio warning making them aware they have been detected and that they need to leave the area immediately.

The system will not generate false alarms from materials, bushes and wildlife by using deep learning technology to understand the scene.

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Thermal imaging is the best form of alarm detection currently available in the market, perfect for larger sites our Thermal range of cameras can detect and verify intruders over much longer distances up to 1km. With minimal installation time on site Virtual Detection is setup on the camera and trip wires are enabled, we can service remotely reducing the need for Engineer service visits as the Project changes. Fire Detection & HD CCTV can also be integrated for an innovative scalable solution.


Our Time Lapse service brings your construction site to life. With high definition images taken throughout the Project we can deliver a professional high-quality video at the end with your own branding & soundtrack. The images are uploaded to your own secure online access platform and can be easily viewed via a secure login.

Time lapse videos provides a unique perspective and when combined with our drone aerial photography package gives you a complete and highly cost-effective solution for your company marketing and progress monitoring.


Construction site aerial photography can show every stage of a development from planning & foundations through to completion. There is no better way of getting an overview of a construction site than by using aerial photography.


The CAA approval regulations are very detailed but we are able to help you through the process of making an aerial shoot both legal and safe.