Innovative Site Safety & Workforce Management Solutions

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Plug & Play Turnstile Pods

VIS offer a range of Turnstile products for Construction site Access Control. Our compact VisPod offers a secure, rapidly deployable unit that is easy to re-locate on site and multiple units can be quickly added or removed to meet the evolving phases of a project. The system comprises a full height turnstile with the latest tried & tested face recognition technology. 

Our gatehouse units have an integrated office area and are ideal as a multi-use facility for a site entrance along with front of house operative.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Our contactless solution means that once a user is enrolled on our smart cloud software and authorised by the Management, they can easily access multiple sites. The system can be linked to our turnstile pods or used as a simple clock in station to ensure all user events are captured for safety and time records.

Integration with other VIS products is enabled, providing an accurate, fast and secure solution for site access control.

All images are fully encrypted and the system and data security has been designed in line with current GDPR legislation.


Utilising the latest thermal technology, our state of the art solution provides a safe and contact free way of detecting the temperature of an individual entering site. Once detected, various alert options are available and the system can be integrated with other VIS technology for a complete safety solution.

Thermal Temperature Screening


Cloud Software & Pre Induction

Workforce Management and Health & Safety are key to ensure Main Contractors can run their Projects efficiently. VIS specialise in cloud based multi-site software to capture valuable data on your site with a focus on current data security & compliance. Our software is integrated with CITB for instant online card verification along with a host of other features and reports like dashboards, Co2, HSE and fire roll call.

Our online HSE inductions have been proven to save time and resource on site by enabling Management to carry out shorter, site specific inductions in a morning.


Delivery Management

To assist with site Logistics planning, our Integrated online Delivery Scheduler enables the simple booking of vehicle deliveries and other resources such as cranes. Subcontractors can pre-book a delivery slot which can then be reviewed and approved by site Management for a streamlined time saving solution.

For larger sites we can install gates and barriers with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) creating cost savings by using technology as a cutting edge alternative physical man power.


Noise, Dust & Vibration Monitoring

Our Environmental Monitoring Solution provides an invaluable tool for remote data collection. The Station is cloud based and allows users to save time and money by avoiding going to the installation to collect information from Noise Vibration, Weather and Aerosol.


Most Projects we work on have various requirements depending on the local restrictions and works being undertaken, the system can be bespoke and give peace of mind that level readings are being achieved.